Advanced Synonyms Worksheets

A synonym is a word that has nearly the same meaning as another word. It can be difficult for students to learn to recognize and write advanced synonyms. Learning how to confidently identify and use synonyms greatly advances a learner's vocabulary.

Teach Students to Write & Recognize Synonyms

These worksheets will help students learn to recognize a synonym by seeing that one word relates closely in meaning with another. They will also be able to in turn write synonyms to help expand their vocabulary and move towards more and more advanced synonyms.

Sample synonyms include hat/cap, leap/jump, listen/hear. When students write synonyms they are able to better vary their syntax and advance their writing Our synonyms worksheets can be used for a variety of grade levels from beginning to advanced.

Here is a graphic preview for all of the synonyms worksheets. Our synonyms worksheets are free to download and easy to access in PDF format. Use these synonyms worksheets in school or at home.

a. Grades K-5 Synonyms Worksheets
b. Grades 6-8 Synonyms Worksheets
c. Grades 9-12 Synonyms Worksheets